My Peace Corps Application Timeline

  1. May 2009: Application sent.
  2. June 2009: Told by Peace Corps to gain more volunteer experience. Starting ESL tutoring at after-school youth center, 3-6 hours a week.
  3. August 2009: Emailed Peace Corps to say that I had accumulated so many hours. Called in for an interview in September 2009.
  4. September 2009: Nominated for Caucuses/Central Asia leaving September 2010.
  5. October – November 2009: Scrambled to dentist’s and doctor’s office to get paperwork filled out. Learned that my doctor had done Peace Corps too! Used blood-work that I did in June 2009 (I had to get blood-work done for some other reason)
  6. December 2009: Received Dental Clearance; however, they weren’t going to look at my medical paperwork until some time later.
  7. January 2010: Told my Medical Desk to get blood-work done again. Super-nervous that I might get disqualified. The Medical Desk called me and asked me what the heck happened between June 2009 (when I got my first blood-work done) and January 2010. She asked why my blood-work was so bad in June 2009. Blamed it on lousy collegiate life-style.
  8. January 2010: Received medical clearance. Got an email from Placement Desk to email back an updated resume.
  9. June 2010: Officially invited for Azerbaijan, leaving Sept. 23, 2010

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